Glymed Skincare

GlyMed PlusĀ® has an extensive product portfolio which consists of 8 product lines and over 100 products. All formulas were developed by Master Medical Aesthetician Christine Heathman, CME, LMT and CEO, who has professionally treated skin with unparalleled results for over 25 years and understands the importance of the relationship between skin and safe ingredients that really work! It is because of her in-depth knowledge and experience of the skin that Christine refuses to use harsh chemicals in GlyMed Plus products, selecting only safe, technologically advanced ingredients and certified organic botanicals.

The GlyMed Plus Skin Protocol – 4 Steps to Younger Acting Skin!

Just as optimal health is achieved through diet and exercise, younger-acting skin is achieved through a 4-step process of Cleanse, Treat, Balance and Protect. By following the GlyMed Plus protocol, estheticians and skin care professionals have attained extraordinary results in their client’s skin. At home, clients should follow the same regimen every morning and evening to maintain a healthy, flawless complexion.


Step 1 – Cleanse

GlyMed Plus cleansers gently remove oil, makeup and dead skin cells while providing added benefits, suited to your skin’s unique needs. Consult a skin care professional to learn what GlyMed Plus Cleanser is right for you.

Step 2 – Treat

Only GlyMed Plus offers purely professional, technologically advanced treatment products that help bring skin back to a more youthful state. Depending on the client and their skin, it is possible that more than one treatment product may be integrated into the client’s homecare regimen.

Step 3 – Balance

Proper balance is the key to healthy skin. GlyMed Plus offers a full range of balancing products that nourish and protect skin cells, increase intracellular communication and create an optimal environment.

Step 4 – Protect

Protecting the skin is critical to maintaining a youthful complexion. Use a GlyMed Plus SPF product everyday to protect skin from UV and environmental damage which contributes to aging skin.